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    Multiple Application Servers - Job stuck in "Waiting to Run.."

      Hitting a snag with a multi appserver setup, BladeLogic 8.1 SP2

      2 Physical servers, 4 logical instances


      Server 1A: Config Server

      Server 1B: NSH Proxy

      Server 2A: Job Server 1

      Server 2B: Job Server 2


      GUI Connected to Server 1A, attempting to execute jobs (which should run on Server 2A or Server 2B) but the job just hangs at "Waiting to run.." within the GUI


      Attempted troubleshooting:

      1. Clocks are both set the same

      2. Restarted appservers and procservers

      3. Watching appserver log for 2A/2B nothing ever hits about the worker threads


      Certificates are synchronized between the environments, and appserver diagnostics (from GUI connected to Server 1A) completes successfully on Server2A and Server2B - and those pseudo-worker-item threads show up in the appserver logs on each successfully


      Any guidance someone could provide would be awesome,