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    vgj job never ending (BBSA 8.1.03)



      We have implemented the new method of creating VM’s in BBSA8.1 (use Virtualization createVirtualGuest instead of VirtualizationcreateVirtualGuestFromPackage).


      This seems to work perfectly in VCenter creating the machine, adding VNICs, adding VDISKS,……


      The problem is that the job in BL never ends even when the machine has finished doing all the tasks and times out after an hour approximately.


      We think that’s due to new feateures and configurations needed in BL 8.1 to call back AO to close the Task or something similar, but we are not sure.


      Any feedback more than welcome.



        • 1. vgj job never ending (BBSA 8.1.03)

          The way BBSA is implemented is that while doing 'Guest Customization' of the VM, it waits for an 'event' from VMware saying Customization completed successfully. If it does not get this event, it would keep waiting for an hour after which it fails stating timeout.


          For debugging this issue, you can have a look at the VM within the vSphere Client. Go to the Tasks and Events tab for that VM, more specifically the Events tab and look for the customization completed event.


          If you're not getting the event, ensure that the VMware Template that you have has the latest version of VMware Tools. Update the VMware Tools within the Template and then re-execute the job.

          • 2. vgj job never ending (BBSA 8.1.03)

            The VMWare Tools are up to date, and the event is not getting created.

            For avoiding waiting for this event, we have changed the file vmware.properties in vCenter BBSA Agent from:




            Dflag-monitor-event-state-win2k3-64bit= trueDflag-monitor-event-state-win2k8-32bit= trueDflag-monitor-event-state-win2k8-64bit= trueDflag-monitor-event-state-win2k8-r2-64bit= trueDflag-monitor-event-state-rhel-32bit= true Dflag-monitor-event-state-rhel-64bit=true












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