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    File Deploy Job Options

    Rayemond Newman



      In the File Deploy Job Options tab I can make several selections. If I choose one of the Backup options and "Synch Push prune" does the Backup selection get actioned first?





        • 1. File Deploy Job Options

          Push Sync:


          Using a File Deploy Job, you can copy files and directories to target servers and

          overwrite the corresponding files on those machines. Alternatively, you can copy

          only those files and directories that meet criteria you specify, a process called a

          synchronized push. If the files and directories on a target server satisfy your criteria, the

          push replaces those files

          You specify creitera like md5sum or permissions or last modified date etc



          When deploying a file or directory, you can take precautions to back up the files that

          are overwritten.

          So YES, backup will happen , meaning it will backup your files which will be overwritten. You can use suffix to suffix the backed up names of the files

          During an Undo, this backed up files are restored.


          Hope this helps.

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          • 2. File Deploy Job Options

            Hi Rohit

            Do we have an OOB undo for file deploy job in 8.2 version? I think it was raised in 7.6 as an RFE