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    Normalization of ADDM discovered comp sys

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      ADDM is discovering comp sys CIs with wrong categorizations. A Laptop is getting set as a desktop in the CIs CTI info by ADDM. The problem is ADDM is pulling 3000 + model names (random alphanumeric keys). So we have 3000 + laptops which are identified as desktops by ADDM and stored as desktops in CMDB.


      • is there a way we can get ADDM to fetch the correct information (Hardware, processing unit, laptop) instead of wrong info (hardware, processing unit, desktop) and set that info on CTI in CMDB...?
      • I know we can normalize the CIs by storing those 3000+ entries in the NE:ProductNameAlias form. But  we have strict time constraints. Is there a simpler and a faster way to fix this..?

      Please provide your suggestions !



      thank you.

        • 1. Normalization of ADDM discovered comp sys

          If you have some laptop identification like if your laptop names are starting with LPT-000111 something... so you can modify OOTB pattern in ADDM to discover and set all those ComputerSystem which has name starting with "LPT" to CTI - Laptop...


          As ADDM by default cannot distinguish between a Desktop and a laptop...


          so you have to modify the pattern...

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          • 2. Normalization of ADDM discovered comp sys

            Hi Nishant, thank you for replying. modifying the OOTB pattern is a little difficult as BMC do not recommend that. I am planning to generate reports from the imported addm CIs, extract all possible model names and manufacturer names into a csv and import the model and manufacturer in the 'product name alias ' form to speed up the config process.


            Please let me know what you think about that and if you think of better method than the one I suggested above.


            Thanks again