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    Deployment Packages  Audit Directory


              I need to get a snapshot of a directory before and after copying/extracting files to a directory path.

      What is the best way to make sure a DLL file has been replaced after BL package deployment using winrar extraction?  ( EXE FILE)

      example.  before  c:\Application\bin\xxx.dll     1/2/2012

                       extracted  blpackage.exe

                      after c:\Application\bin\xxx.dll       2/1/2012   


      Can an audit job check and display on changed or updated files in a report?

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          There are several options to do so:

          1. Snapshot job - in that case you take the snapshot of the file/folder before the change and snapshot after the change. On the second snapshot you'll have in the server view the option of change tracking which will list all the differences (including the date). Please note:
                1. While defining the snapshot job you need to mark the options which you want to be compared (e.g., Date modified) and this selection will be the attributes for the comparison in the change tracking.
              1. In case you'll take a directory with several files (or any other hierarchal object), make sure you check the "R subfolders" so the object under the parent will be compared as well.

          2. Audit job - in taht case you need to create a golden copy which all the targets are compared to this master.


          For your case, I think that the snapshot change tracking option is better since you want to see that a change has been made (while the audit option is mainly to verify that a large number of objects are compliant with certain master configuration).

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            Bill Robinson

            Take a snapshot of the file/dir before, run the deploy, run the snapshot again.  in the snapshot job results look on the ‘change tracking tab’

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                     Thanks for the info. I will have to setup this with the deployment

              job since we are using it to verify deployment against 30 servers.