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    Deploy Job Warning Status



      I'm working in a project that it is integrating Atrium Orchestrator (AO) with Bladelogic, where the Bladelogic side is executing a set of custom scripts that returns a rc depending of the result of the execution.


      As far as we know, if the execution of the job return with rc=0 it will show as OK, while it will finish with errors in other case. Our custom scripts return 0 for succesful execution, 1 for OK with warnings and other for known errors.


      In the case of rc=1 (OK with warnings), we would like to carry on with the process but we would like to notify to AO that even though the execution has been succesful there is something to be reviewed.


      We know that for compliance jobs there exists a warning result for the execution of the jobs, so our question is if it is possible to force this warning result to BLPackage Deploy Jobs in order to report this warning status to AO from Bladelogic. Can somebody help us with this topic?


      Thanks very much in advance.



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          Is the job being started in the BL console GUI or by AO ?


          If its the later then AO has access to the job run id it started and can obtain the job run result in a couple of steps.  I can help with that.


          If its being triggered via the console then I've seen something in BL that eludes to BL pushing info to AO but I dont know BL that well

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            Hello Wayne,


            Thank you for the fast response. The job is being started from AO, it would be really nice if you can help in obtaining these results.


            Anyway, my question was not exactly that (even though i'm also interested in the other one). I want to force Bladelogic to end with warning, not with execution OK or execution with errors. My question is if I can do that directly depending on the rc of the script. If it is not possible I should try with your proposal. I suppose that you are thinking in forcing a correct execution of Bladelogic and the retrieve the execution log and process it in AO, am I right?


            Any help you could provide me would be useful.


            Thanks very much.

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              Bill Robinson

              for deploy and nsh jobs i believe the only results are going to be pass or fail.  w/ depot software you can map the return codes but again it's pass or fail.  you could try and process the individual log item results of the job and go from that. 


              i'm not sure i understand the point here - if there is something to be looked at, why are you continuing w/ your workflow?  how can it be a success if it requires additional interaction by the user?

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                Thanks very much Bill,


                I was almost sure about that point, I just wanted to certify with other people. The reason of continuing the workflow is that it is not a stopper error, but in some way the customer wants to leave some traces about these warnings. I agree with you that if it requires some interaction it cannot be a success step, but...


                So, if we want to process the output, how can we proceed? Do you have any blcli sample to begin with?

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                  Bill Robinson

                  you can export the deploy run w/ Utility.exportDeployRun or something like that.  grep that for warnings in your workflow and send that on if you need to.