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    Monitoring a particular process through BBSA



      Is therea way to monitor a particular service forall the servers simultaneously through bladelogic?, Itried to create a component fora particular process however when I try to selectthe part I see only process id andnot process name and process ids are different for the sameprocess on different servers. does anyone has any inputs on this?

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          Joshua Skirde

          Hi Sachin,


          I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve; could you give us a little background?

          Firstly, BladeLogic Server Automation can perform audits or compliance checks which are different from monitoring.

          I am assuming you are talking about a Unix / Linux process when you say service?

          The reason why you are seeing the process ID is the grammar you're using is defining the first field as the key. You could re-order the fields using a bit of awk (i.e. echo "field1 field2 field3" | awk '{ print $3 $2 $1 }'). You'll need to create a script or a sensor to wrap this in if calling via an extended object. Alternatively if it is just a Linux service then you could just create an extended object for each service calling "service myservicename status" which should return servicename OK | NOTOK.


          If you give me a little more information I'd be happy to help you find the best solution.



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            Gerardo Bartoccini

            What you can do is to create a custom script or command to be used into an extended object.

            You can then put the extended object into a template and use that for scheduled audit or compliance jobs.


            However, always remember, as Joshua was pointing out, that BBSA is not a monitoring tool.