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    Controlling how jobs stay and "re-run" on target servers

      I was asked an interesting question about if you can control how jobs stay on, can be "re-run" and/or are delete from target servers. Is it possible to control that behavior?


      The use case is that you have a job, any type of BladeLogic job, with a large payload (i.e. installation executables, configuration files, whatever). In some cases -- say, because of relatively slow or unreliable WAN links -- you may want the job payload to stay on the target server after the job is initially run in case you will need to run the job again. But in other cases -- say, because of limited storage space on the target server -- you will want the same or a similar job to delete immediately after the job successfully executes. Is there a way to control this behavior on a job-by-job and/or server-by-server basis?