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    User Mappings

    Rayemond Newman

      Hi Guy's


      My understanding is that mappings in users and users.local file is "Display Name" to UID. Is it possible to map to a UID i.e.


      BLAdmins:raye rw,map=35 (where 35 is the UID of a local user)





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          You can only map to account names, not IDs.  The only way you could "fake" it would be to create an enumerated property in the property dictionary, where the name field would be the ID, and the value field would be the name that you wanted to map to.  Then map to that using Server properties.  It's kind of backwards and would require you still knowing which IDs go with each account name.  So in short, just stick with mapping to names.

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            Bill Robinson

            And it’s actually mapping the bladelogic role:user to a local account.  not a display name to a uid.