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    Executing NSH File from BLPackage



      I am trying to execute a NSH file via BLPackage, I have created a WIN2K8-R2-SP2_BLCLI.nsh file and I am adding this file to BLPackage


      This is a simple NSH file which has one BLCLI command to Create a VGP job from XML. The content of NSH file is as below


      blcred cred -acquire -profile defaultProfile -username BLAdmin -password Passwordabc

      blcli -v defaultProfile -r BLAdmins Virtualization createVirtualGuest "//BLSERVER/e/temp/VGP_FILES/WIN2K8-R2-SP2_VGP.xml"


      I have added a external command in BLpackage to execute this nsh file (nsh WIN2K8-R2-SP2_BLCLI.nsh)


      When I deploy this package via a deploy job on application server, the job never completes and nothing happens


      When I see the bl-deploy log in Transaction folder I can see the following message, it is prompting for user interaction (But the same NSH file works when manually executed from command prompt)


      e:\temp\VGP_FILES>nsh WIN2K8-R2-SP2_BLCLI.nsh

      01/31/12 18:07:16.814 INFO     bldeploy - [15][New External Cmd] [stdout: 15]  Do you want to accept the following X509 certificate from "service:authsvc.bladelogic:blauth://BLSERVER:9840"?

      Alias:                service:authsvc.bladelogic:blauth://BLSERVER:9840
      Version:              V3
      Serial number:        01 33 a0 55 a1 18
      Issued to:            CN=BLSERVER

      Issued by:            CN=BLSERVER

      Valid from:           Sun Nov 13 15:28:46 EST 2011
      Valid to:             Thu Nov 13 15:28:46 EST 2014
      Signature algorithm:  SHA1withRSA
      SHA-1 thumbprint:     2f e5 80 8c 0d 31 63 7b 9f d9 d8 70 5e e0 cb a5 e6 c9 e9 2c
      SHA-256 thumbprint:   52 f4 c6 56 d9 22 79 89 9c 76 4f bd 7f d7 8e ec 3f 05 83 1e 9a 5e 93 46
                            3d 94 10 d7 5f 74 fa a0



      I Know this can be done via NSHScript Job but here I want to execute this NSH via BLPackage deploy.


      Any guidance will be appreciated