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    Live Incident Map

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      Hi Everyone,



      I have been wondering if anyone has ever created an 'Live - Incident Map'? What i mean by this is a simply flat globe image that will pin-point where incidents are currently showing...



      An example would be:



      I would like to show a global image (like google maps) of all Critical Incidents that are currently unresolved.



      Now i know that i could create a simple flashobard to show a 'chart' and the like - But ideally i would like to have something more professional and easier on the eye.



      I am currently running ITSM 7.6.04 SP2...It would be great if this could be hosted on something like sharepoint also!



      Would be good to know how to do this, would it be API integration? a Webservice?



      Anyway - hope to hear back from  you...




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          Young So

          Isn't Manager Console enough for you?  If not you can create custome form to display the map.

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            If you achieve it let me know!


            This is a guide about how can you do it.


            First you need to geographically locate your locations. That is to provide latitude and longitude.


            Second, create a join view of living incidents and its geographical location. That is, in the join info, relate the HPD:Help Desk to the locations and add the status condition.


            Third, create a web service to this join form.


            Difficult part:

            Fourth, create a web page showing a google maps and using ajax consume the web service to show the points.


            Fifth, create a display field at any form you want that points to this web page.


            If you have someone capable of consuming a web service from javascript, it would be easy.




            Jose Huerta