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    VGP VM Customization problem via BLCLI



      I am trying to provision a VM using VGP via blcli, the VM is provisioned in vCenter and while customization the following error is displayed, provisioning halts at this screen..


      Environment is BL 8.1 SP3, vSphere 5




      When I provision using the same VGP template directly via BBSA the VM gets provisioned with customization.


      But with BLCLI I am getting the above error, I tried the following in VGJ file to resolve this


      1) Tried complex Admin Password

      2) Checked the licensing option (Per server)


      BL-Deploy, Bl-VMware Log and VGJ file is attached below.


      I am looking in to other discussions on this, in mean time any help will be most appreciated.


      Environment is BL 8.1 SP3, vSphere 5