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    How BMC BladeLogic Grants Access to RSCD Agents

    Roy Ong

      Hi all,


      I read this part of the documentation on how access is granted to RSCD agents.


      "Once a connection is established between the client and server, the system checks the

      exports configuration file, where the user= field can map users connecting from

      specified machines to a particular user on the server. For example, with the user= field,

      you can map users to root on UNIX-style systems or Administrator on Windows.

      Note that on Windows, incoming users can only be mapped to local users. On Windows

      domain controllers, however, all users are domain users. On domain controllers, you can

      map a user to a domain user."


      So my question is, if i have a server which is joined to a domain, can i map user to a domain account for it to work? Or must i map it to a local user only. Or this only applies to Domain Controllers.