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    BLDeploy - Network connection drops

    Jim Campbell

      We're having problems with deploying a package (Proliant Support Pack) to a Windows server that (among other things) resets the network adapters after a driver update.  The package begins to run some components but terminates when it gets to the step that updates the network adapters.  At that point the job appears to complete from the Bladelogic console but the process that is being run terminates and the remainder of the installer does not run.  I've tried running the installer by making an nsh nexec call to the server (instead of the normal process of using a BLPackage external command) and the installer continues to run fully even after the network reset but then the NSH script job never finishes.


      Is there a way to deal with this with a BLPackage and if not could we jury rig the NSH script to nexec the process in the background and monitor for completion of the installer in a loop?