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    Bladelogic Capabilities



      I have a questions around blade...


      In a scenario where a new VM isprovisioned, what are the capabilities for Blade to be able to detect this newVM and kick off an orchestration job to go and open a change and automatically have this server monitored by BPPM, the relevant configurations put down and monitored for compliance as well as added to the CMDB?


      My take on this isthat Blade would need to be part of the provisioning process in order for this to work…..


      Any feedback much appreciated



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          You can use BladeLogic for :-


          1. Creating/Provisioning New VM
          2. You can use the Post- provisiong batch jobs to do a compliance /configuration stuff.
          3. You can use the post batch install/jobs to configure the BPPM server. I am not sure what steps are involved in that.
          4. For CMDB integration, you will have to use reporting solution, where in there is integration possible to extract new information about the  new server/VM and creation of CI in CMDB. Check forums for more details.


          For all the above stuff, you can use the Atrium Orchestrator with a workflow to do all this stuff with proper integration with approval/change management system.


          Edited :

          You can discover your existing VM;s as well.

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            Thanks for the feedback Rohit.

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              Jim Wilson

              What you describe sounds like a basic outline of much of what is provided by the BMC Cloud Solution...

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                Bill Robinson

                What is provisioning the VM ?  BBSA, manual, or some other tool ?  if it’s not BBSA, you’d need to have BAO or some other system set to alert on the VM being created.  maybe vCenter can do this ?  then based on that alert, you can trigger the bao workflow to do whatever you need to.

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                  I am wondering some of the same things.  How do you use a "post-provisioning" batch job when using a VGP to create a new VM?  I understand that you can batch jobs together, but how would the jobs know what the target name is for the new VM without adding the hostname into BladeLogic first?  I see how this is done with a provisioning job but not for a VGP job.  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciate. 


                  We just installed 8.2 in our dev environment and this is where this is being tested.




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                    Hi Neil,


                    You are correct, the post provision tasks cannot be in use for a VGP,

                    The server gets automatically enrolled at end of a successful VGP job.

                    So, You can have a batch job set to sequential and abort on VGP failure.

                    it can have,

                    VGP job

                    a script based job which checks the newly added server, and may be check or set some configuration and then trigger any post jobs you want. These jobs will act as template jobs and will get executed against the newly added server.

                    This is the most simplest of a flow I can think of, there can be a more clever and smarter way  to do this.

                    Have a look at this : You require a support id to see this, but the online docs now at BMC opens up a lot of information and help. There are some interesting use cases and very good white papers and recommendations for best practices.


                    the BMC CLM solution as suggested above in thread gives you more to do.