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    How do I set owner, permission property values on files inside BLPackage from blcli

      I have a BLPackage with a directory of files in it

      When I apply it on a Linux client I get "Unable to set Owner (0:0)" and "Err:Not super-user" (to be expected since we do not have root)

      To manually work around it in bladelogic GUI I can set OwnerOption, GroupOption, PermissionsOption to IGNORE.


      I need to do the same in blcli.


      I believe these are set in the form of $propNames$ $PropValues$( "Owner,Permissions" "Value,Value") , and I found some examples of using them in unreleased commands, I think it was under importcompnentToPackage but I'm not clear how to do the same with blpackage.


      I need an example how to overwrite these options either during the package creation (its created via createPackageFromAsset command) or or after it's created.