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    Deploy to remote sites (wan)

    Erez Frenkel



      We are working with BBSA 8.1.2, and we have a remote site (over wan) that a repeater been installed there.

      The environment is basic on Microsoft : windows 2008, 2003, and few 2000 servers



      1.          We would like to have the ability after that a BLpackage been deployed to the remote server, to deploy (from the Remote-site) the package to other remote servers.

      Can someone advise which deploy job can do that? (we try the file-deploy, but that job first copy the package back to the application-server…)

      I saw that there is a network-based software deploy options but for that we need to use SMB / NFS, is that mean that we need a Linux machine on the remote site?


      2.          We notice that if we deploy a package using -> stage indirect (using repeaters) to 10 servers (because the wan line is busy)

      and after the job been finished, We run the job again for another 10 machines (the package didn't been change) Bladelogic recopy the package to the repeater,

      why? Is that by design?





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