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    Pushing agent ACLs using blcli unreleased commands



      I am trying to utilize the following unreleased BLCLI command in my NSH script to push agent ACLs as part of a server handover process and currently its errors out with an error message.


      Here is the sequence of unreleased commands I am trying to use:

      blcli_execute Server findByName test123

      blcli_execute storeenv SERVER_DBKEY

      blcli_execute Server pushAcl $SERVER_DBKEY


      and the error I received was:

      Command execution failed. com.bladelogic.cli.factory.CommandNotFoundException: Server,pushAcl Method found but with mismatching arguments. Error was :Input 'com.bladelogic.model.server.ServerImpl@5fb49ba5' cannot be converted to expected type : inteface.com.bladelogic.model.server.Server.


      I did check the output format for the "findByName" command and its documented as to be of type "com.bladelogic.model.server.Server" and the input format for "pushAcl" command is exactly expecting to be in that format.


      How do I obtain the value "com.bladelogic.model.server.Server" for a particular Server object? Any Ideas?


      I cannot use the ACL Push Jobs since the handover process Job in BL can be initated randomly and sometimes simultaneously by various users as well.


      Any help to resolve this would be much appreciated.