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    BladeLogic 8.x installation on a cloud enviroment

      I am begining the process of a tech refresh for our Production BladeLogic environment. Unfortunate for me, we are also in the middle of an Enterprise initiative to reduce our overall infrastructure footprint. As part of the reduction effort, we are just starting to build an Enterprise cloud. So, here is what I need to know:


           1. Can BladeLogic app servers be installed as a Production environment on a cloud in leui of dedicated physical server?


           2. If BladeLogic CAN be installed on a cloud, what are the resource requirements and consideration for doing so as compared to installing on dedicated physical server?


           3. If BladeLogic CANNOT be installed on a cloud, what are the limitations or concerns in doing so that prevent this type of installation?



      Our current implementation of BladeLogic runs on Red Hat Linux 4 with an Oracle 10g backend. I would expect that, if we could install on the cloud, it would be Red Hat 5 with Oracle 11.

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          Cloud is a vague term and can mean a variety of things. Perhaps this helps: The Application servers can be virtualized, but the databases must be physical to be in a supported situation. The appserver cannot be separated by a WAN link (i.e. located in another datacenter). So, your appservers cannot be in Amazon and your DB’s in your local DC. But, if you are using something like BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management product to deliver your Cloud, Bladelogic can be a part of the local resources it manages. You really should look at our CLM solution as it can provision local vm’s and physical hardware as well as into Amazon EC2, etc, as needed.