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    Deploy job fails due to "package already installed"

    Vinnie Lima

      Hey Folks,


      BL 8.1.  Have a BLPackage deploy job which is failing on a RHEL Target due to one of the RPMs that is already installed on the target.  The specific RPM command is:


      rpm -Uiv 17968.1/mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm



      I thought the -Uiv option would cause the job not to fail if the package already existed with newer release than what is being installed.  Instead, the Deploy job is failing because it is finding that an rpm is already isntalled (msqlclient).  Below is the RSCD Transaction log for the job:


      01/20/12 10:18:54.714 DEBUG    bldeploy - [1][mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm] Applying parent first id = 1

      01/20/12 10:18:54.714 INFO     bldeploy - [1][mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm] Processing asset RPM

      01/20/12 10:18:54.715 INFO     bldeploy - [1][mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm] Executing command: "rpm -Uiv 17968.1/mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm"

      01/20/12 10:18:54.715 DEBUG    bldeploy - [1][mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm] chdir to PkgDir: '/var/tmp/stage/efaa2e7666753d0fb7357bbf7c66d7ea/'

      01/20/12 10:18:54.746 WARN     bldeploy - [1][mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm] [stderr: 1]    warning:

      01/20/12 10:18:54.747 WARN     bldeploy - [1][mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm] [stderr: 1]    17968.1/mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 5ebd2744


      01/20/12 10:18:54.775 INFO     bldeploy - [1][mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm] [stdout: 1]    Preparing packages for installation...


      01/20/12 10:18:55.039 WARN     bldeploy - [1][mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm] [stderr: 1]            package mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64 is already installed


      01/20/12 10:18:55.048 ERROR    bldeploy - [1][mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm] Command returned non-zero exit code: 1

      01/20/12 10:18:55.048 DEBUG    bldeploy - [1][mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm] chdir to PkgDir: '/'

      01/20/12 10:18:55.049 ERROR    bldeploy - [1][mysqlclient15-5.0.90-1.el5.art.x86_64.rpm] Apply failed: id = 1



      Any suggestions appreciated.