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    Identify and control software versions

      Identify and control software versions.

        • 1. Identify and control software versions

          These are two many questions


          You should consider going through the following product documentation:

          BMC BladeLogic Application release management  using BBSA -

          BMC BladeLogic Application release management - J2ee applications and middleware - PHURNACE

          BMC ADDM - atrium dependency and mapping

          BMC Database automation (GridApp) - For database automation if you intend to do that


          BladeLogic can be used for deploying applications and packaging. All configurations can be very well managed as well. But it depends heavily on your current manual process and packaging methodology.

          The products listed above can be used together and fits well for Application release management and Configuration management. These do integrate with the other BMC products for Change management.





          • 2. Identify and control software versions

            Hello Shan,


            What you are asking for a is a integrated solution.


            You require following to be implemented and integrated for acheiving the above requirement


            • BBSA  & App Rel Mgmt - Application deployment and all the above applications can be implemented.
            • ADDM - For Automatic CI data capture and feed to CMDB
            • Atrium CMDB - Holding the CI's and used by other Remedy ITSM modules for Incident , Problem & Change etc
            • Atrium Orchestrator - To automate and integrate various modules above to work in harmony.


            we have done several of these projects. you can contact me at uday.kumarbs@gmail.com