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    BBSA HMC integration



      I got questions about BBSA and HMC integration.

      Customer wants to  do some tasks from BBSA via HMC.

      Please let me know if you have any experiences about the followings:

      1. PowerVM OS backup/restore.

      2. LPAR configuration.


      I'm appriciate if you give me any advices.





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          Niranjay Bharati

          Hi Yoshi ,


          You must be knowing that BBSA requires a dedicated aix box which acts as managed object to communicate with the frames. could you also elaborate more on what LPAR configurations you want to try out ? Is it WPAR restore/backup ?



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            Hi Niranjay,


            Thank you for your reply.


            Reading through the manual, yes I aware of that we need dedicated aix box for the HMC integration.  Regarding the restore/backup, the customer wants to do single LPAR backup/restore. Like taking out the master OS image and deploy it to other LPAR.

            Regarding LPAR configuration, I'm not sure what LPAR configuration customer wants exactly.

            But maybe changing CPU number, memory amount, storage allocation,etc...



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              Niranjay Bharati



              There are many ways that you can use in BBSA to perform the operations you mentioned e.g either through deploy job or nsh script etc.

              In case if you want to automate the things using script then I would suggest you to use blcli commands and use ssh public key authentication which will talk to HMC using hmcuser id and do the oprations such as storage allocation etc.




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                Thanks Niranjay.


                I understand well.

                One thing, do you have some sample scripts for this?

                Or actual PS output for real customer?


                Thanks again.