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    permissions / roles

    Erez Frenkel



      I have a question regarding permissions / roles.


      We have a role = NOC (and few users belong to that role only) for adding new servers after they been installed


      We have the built-in role = BLAdmins, for deploy, audit, snapshot etc…


      On the Serves Folder, we have a server-group name = add-servers.

      (Bladmins + NOC role have .* full access)


      But If a NOC user add new server to that server-group, the server receive only the NOC role (.* full access)


      I know that I can right-click and make update-permission, but we would like that every server that the NOC

      Role users adds, the users that belong to the Bladmins-group will be able to take an action on them, automatically


      what do I misses here?





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          Bill Robinson

          you need to change the default object permissions template in the NOC role to include an ACL Template that grants BLAdmins the permissions you want.

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            There is a default set of permissions that are applied when a user creates an object in bladelogic, when you add the server, the permissions panel will be populated by the contents of this default ACL Template.


            If you go to the role NOC and look at which template is their default and then modify that template to have both the NOC role and the BLAdmins role in it.

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              login as RBAC, open up your role NOC or whatever custom role you have,in my case its WindowsAdmin,



              click on Objects permission template expand button and add your default ACL template

              now when you create objects as your NOC role, it will automatically apply anything thats in your Default template.