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    blcli export file location

    Craig Dockter

      Been fighting with this all day!  We are running BBSA 8.1 SP2P5 on RHEL 5 with 2 application servers.  I want to run a NSH script that exports the results of a patch analysis run, then parses the output and mails some formatted information to system administrators.  I run the NSH script using appserver1 as the target.  What's happening is the blcli command inside the NSH script is almost always run on appserver2 and the resulting export file is not found by the rest of the script.


      Things I have tried:


      1) specifying an appserver on the blcli command (i.e. blcli -a appserver1 Utility exportPatchAnalysisRunLatest ...)


      2) cd to appserver1 directory immediately before the running the export (i.e. cd //appserver1/tmp )


      3) specifying a fully qualified file in the export command (blcli Utility exportPatchAnalysisRunLatest "server" "group" "job" "//appserver1/tmp/file.csv" "CSV")


      4) changing the NSH script from type 1 to type 3, and back again



      Number 3 resulted in an interesting error message, note the missing '/':

      An error occurred while attempting to create/open the export file //appserver1/tmp/file.csv: /appserver1/tmp/file.csv (No such file or directory)



      I'd appreciate any ideas about how to get everything in one single directory on one app server.


      Thanks in advance.