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    Seriously in at the deep end!

      OK, here is the situtation.

      I'm the scripting guy in our place...you know the one who you ask to write a vbscript/powershell script do make changes to a few hundred servers in your environment.


      Up till now its been cool I just run my script againsts the servers from a central Windows server....all OK.


      Now someone has come along with this baldelogic thing. (No idea what it is...I'm the scripting guy)

      Apparently it will simplify everything...make it much easier simpler.


      OK in the past I've used something called LANDesk...which I think does the same job.


      Can someone tell me how to run a vbscript or a powershell script or heck even a simple .bat or .cmd file using this balde logic?


      Many thanks