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    How do I create a csv report that is automatically sent to a file share

      I have created a report in cave format that is automatically e-mailed to several people. They now want the report to be automatically sent to a Windows file share. Is that possible and of so, how done I set that up?    

        • 1. How do I create a csv report that is automatically sent to a file share

          Yes its possible, you need to refer to steps for enabling "Saving report outputs to file system"


          1. Launch BDSSA portal via URL and login with role of Administrative privilege.
          2. In the upper-right corner, click Launch, IBM Cognos Administration.
          3. IBM Cognos 8 BI 8.2: BDSSA (2.0 SP1 and below)
            In the Server Administration page, under Type, click the Services radio button and then choose Content Manager in the drop-down menu. The Content Manager service appears below the drop-down menu.
            When using IBM Cognos 8 BI 8.4 BDSSA (2.0 SP1above)On the Status tab, click System. In the upper-left corner of the Scorecard pane, click the arrow to view the Change view menu. Click Services, and then click Content Manager.
          4. Under the Actions column, click the set properties button.
          5. Click the Settings tab.
          6. Under the Value column, click Edit.
          7. In the Set advanced settings - ContentManagerService page, select the Override the settings acquired from the parent entry check box.

            A table appears, in which you can add parameters.
          8. Under Parameter, click in a cell and type

          9. In the corresponding Value cell, type the file system location where you want to store report outputs.

            for example

          10. Also note this will not work if you specify a UNC name.
          11. If you want to specify a shell script, such as a .bat or .sh file, that will run after a report output is saved to the target directory, do the following:
          12. Under Parameter , click in an empty cell and type


            In the corresponding Value cell, type the location and the name of the script.
          13. The full file names of the output file and descriptor are passed to the script. For example, c:\reportnet\146_1062107695000.pdf c:\reportnet\146_1062107695000_desc.xml.
          14. Click OK.
          15. Copies of saved report outputs are placed in the location specified. Old report versions are not deleted when a new one is saved. You must manage the content of the output directory to keep the report versions you want.
          16. On the computer where you installed Report Server, start Cognos Configuration.
          1. In the Explorer window, under Data Access, click Content Manager.
          2. In the Save report outputs to a file system box, click True or False.
          3. From the File menu, click Save.
          4. Restart the Cognos service.
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            Bill Robinson

            This appears to save it locally.  How do you save on a file share?  that would have to be mounted by the cognos service I think, for it to be available during this operation.  Or you would have another script that would watch for a new file in a dir and copy that to the share after it’s generated.

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              Thanks both Bill and Chetan. It looks like a combination of the two suggestions may provide me what I need. I can create and save the file locally and then use a script that will copy or move it to the file share on the other server. I will try to implement now.


              Just one question, though. Chetan Dixit, will the configuration changes you gave above change the Cognos configuration for all BDSSA reports or for only a specific one?


              I have several BDSSA reports automatically created on a scheduled basis and I only need one of the reports automatically sent to a file share on another server. The other reports that I created and we regularly use still need to be sent to various distribution groups. Is this possible and if so and if the configuration for that is different from the above, how do I set it up for just that one report?