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    MC Bladelogic Application Release Automation Installation Requirement

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      For BMC Application Release Automation (BBARA)— Middleware to manage an IBM WebSphere Portal server or an Apache Tomcatserver hosted on Microsoft Windows, the following applications must beinstalled on the same host:

      • An SSH Server
      • Cygwin


      Can someone tell me what is exact functional purpose of SSH Server and Cygwin here?  which part of BBARA uses linux environment commands?




        • 1. MC Bladelogic Application Release Automation Installation Requirement

          Hi Siddu,


          BMC Application Release Automation uses SSH and other a few other standard Unix-like services and commands (primarily scp and sh). On Linux (and other Unix-like operating systems), this requires SSH services to be available. On Windows, this requires both an ssh server and cygwin. These commands and services are used to move files between the client machine (where ARA is installed) and the server machine (where WebSphere Portal and/or Tomcat are running) and to manage the files on the server machine. These file movements are used in a few different functional areas of the ARA product, most notably by the backup functions that archive all of the state on the server before making modifications during installation operations.