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    Appsite and Remedy

    Anne Brock
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      Our Desktop capture demo used to do:

      > create an email from Remedy

      > click a button on the form that brought in a link to Desktop Capture based on product cats on the ticket

      > send the email

      > User clicks the link, runs the stuff, and when they finish, the Appsite file is attached to the Remedy ticket


      Do we have any white paper that documents how to set up that integration with Appsite? I have a customer with Appsite who basically wants to do that, and if we can give them some hints they can figure out the rest of it.



        • 1. Appsite and Remedy

          Hello Anne,


          We do have a document that outlines how to create this button in Remedy and how to integrate Desktop Capture with Remedy.  Does the customer currently have Desktop Capture?





          • 2. Appsite and Remedy
            Anne Brock

            They don't have Desktop Capture; they  have full Appsite. Would the process be different to pull the recording profile out of Appsite if they have the full one?



            • 3. Appsite and Remedy

              Well...Desktop Capture is specifically designed to be integrated with Remedy.  If your customer has BMC AppSight then they also have BMC AppSight Web Support.  This is very similar to Desktop Capture.  Web Support does not integrate with Remedy, but a link can be provided to customers so they can record, capture and upload the log.

              • 4. Appsite and Remedy
                Anne Brock

                Thanks, Remco. Appreciate the info. By the end of the call they were talking about running the profile from self service/knowledgebase, so hopefully the inability of appsite to integrate with Remedy like desktop capture doesn won't be an issue...