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    Fileserver DR

    Jim Campbell

      I have seen topics about this before but now I can't find them.  We've begun looking into DR and the question of how to implement this for the fileserver has come up.  Infrastructure management implies that there can be multiple fileservers but I was under the impression that in reality you could have only one fileserver and that DR is performed by using file deploy jobs to synchronize multiple servers and then using blasadmin to change the fileserver during a DR event.  Is it possible to designate multiple fileservers for Bladelogic or is the latter the best way to implement DR ?

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          Bill Robinson

          you can have only 1 logical file server.  so you can do something like:


          -create an alias like blfs.foo.com that resolves to your file server (dns or hosts file).

          -configure this alias as the file server

          -using a file deploy job, rsync, etc replicate the file server contents from the active to passive node.

          -if the active fails bring up the passive.


          now, there are other things you could do involving nfs, load balancers, 3dns, etc but above is the basic.

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            Jim Campbell

            Thanks.  This is what I thought I had read but was unable to find it stated anywhere explicitly.