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    CLM/BBSA Virtual Guest Provisioning

    Vinnie Lima



      We have a Virtual Guest package used by CLM, through BBSA, to provisioning VMs from VMWare Templates (Red Hat Linux).  The provisioning process works except that the Guest VM  does not get named as defined by variable ??NAME?? in the "VM Basic Config" tab, under the Host Name settings.  We see this when looking under /etc/sysconfig/network as it still has the default template entry.  Because of this, the newly provisioned VM registers with DHCP as "localhost.localdomain".


      I suspect that BBSA is not able to customize the OS when provisioned, and then causes problems with Property Updates in BBSA (as it tries to resolve the VM name but it's not registered as such in DNS).


      Thanks for any suggestion.



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          Vinnie Lima

          Culprit for not performing the Guest OS configuration (/etc/sysconfig/network) was an improperly configured users.local.


          Once that was fixed, the Guest VM now registers the appropriate FQDN in DNS once DHCP assigns a temporary IP.


          But, the Update Server Properties job still runs 10 times until it is successful.  The 9 unsuccessful tries show the following in the log:


          "No such device or address: LinTEST-1".


          Its about 20 minutes between the first time it runs, and the last run when it's successful. This delays the CLM provisioning job past a point of acceptable user feedback.


          Any suggestions on why the USP job would be showing such errors?

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            Vinnie Lima

            Upon further investigation, the issue seems to lie in between DHCP and DNS updates.  When a DHCP client is registered, it is taking upwards to 20 minutes for DNS record to appear for the DHCP client.


            Now looking into the AD configuration (in DHCP and DNS) to see if its configured for automatic updates between DHCP and DNS. 


            This then leads me to believe:


            1) Whenever deploying CLM, the environment must support a more regimented way to record dynamic IP allocations so that post processing jobs (such as Update Server Properties) work, as BBSA will try to resolve the ??NAME?? assigned to the agent.

            2) Incorporate some workflow in CLM to force DHCP/DNS updates once a guest VM has been provisioned.

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              Try this:

              On Linux VM Template:

              cd /etc/init.d


              vi dnsupdate

              #insert starts


              #DNS registration script - Used in environments where DHCP is allocating IPAddresses and no DNS is available.                                                           #In this case a DNS server is created on one of our servers, to allow BBSA to correctly resolve servername to IPAddress.

              #Created by: Barry McQuillan


              #                                          1. This script requires the nsupdate command, this can normally be found in the bind-utils package.                                 #                                           The bind-utils also needs the bind-libs rpm.

              #                                            So required RPM's are:


              #                                             bind-libs



              #                                                                               bind-utils



              #                                            2. Requires a DNS server to run against!



              #                                               Might be one created on one of our servers, if customers is not available.





              #Supported OS':eu




              #                                                                            RedHat



              #                                                                            Centos



              #                                                                            OEL (Oracle)



              #                            NOTE: These are the only OS' tested so far.  I believe that binary paths may be different for other OS' e.g. SLES.



              #set variables




              HOSTNAME=`hostname | cut -d. -f1`


              IPADDR=`$IFCONFIG eth0 | grep 'inet addr' | tr -s " " |cut -d":" -f2 |awk '{print $1}'`



              if [ ${HOSTNAME} == "localhost" ]




                             #Create nsupdate file

                             echo "server ${DNSSERVERIP}" > ${NSFILE}

                             echo "zone ${DOMAIN}" >> ${NSFILE}

                             echo "update delete ${HOSTNAME}.${DOMAIN} A" >> ${NSFILE}

                             echo "update add ${HOSTNAME}.${DOMAIN} 21600  IN A $IPADDR">> ${NSFILE}

                             echo "send" >> ${NSFILE}


                             #Register server

                             ${NSUPDATE} -d ${NSFILE} > /var/tmp/dnsupdate.log

              #insert stops

              chmod 755 dnsupdate


              cd ../rc3.d


              ln -s /etc/init.d/dnsupdate ./S99dnsupdate

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                I corrected my post because the email reply garbaled it up.

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                  Vinnie Lima

                  Brilliant approach.  I attempted this but getting update DENIED:


                  Sending update to <DNS.SERVER.IP>#53

                  Reply from update query:
                  ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: UPDATE, status: REFUSED, id:  12728
                  ;; flags: qr ; ZONE: 1, PREREQ: 0, UPDATE: 2, ADDITIONAL: 0
                  ;; ZONE SECTION:
                  ;DOMAIN.NAME.                     IN      SOA

                  ;; UPDATE SECTION:
                  NCPS_rhel_template.DOMAIN.NAME. 0 ANY     A
                  NCPS_rhel_template.DOMAIN.NAME. 21600 IN  A       IP.ADDRESS.OF.TEMPLATE


                  Any suggestions?

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                    Yep. Try to execute the commands manually, without parameterization. I have seen this when the domain name you supplied is incorrect.


                    Adam Bowen

                    phone: 304.916.7673




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                      If it fails when doing the commands locally, then you might need to configure you DNS server to allow unsecure updates.

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                        Vinnie Lima

                        So tried it this morning, and it worked. I think it fails whenever there is already a DNS record that matches the IP and hostname.


                        Trying to test end to end now but running into another unrelated issue Will let you know soon.

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                          Vinnie Lima

                          So the DNS Update works (DNS got updated as soon as the Virtual Guest was provisioned).  But, this did not solve the issue of the Update Server Properties job failing:


                          "No such device or address: vlima-1"


                          Interesting enough, if I try to run agentinfo on the short name (vlima-1), it fails. But if I run against the fqdn, it works:


                          # agentinfo vlima-1

                          Can't access host "vlima-1": Remote host is unknown


                          # agentinfo vlima-1.domain.com


                            Agent Release   :

                            Hostname        : vlima-1

                            Operating System: Linux 2.6.18-274.3.1.el5

                            User Permissions: 0/0 (root/root)

                            Security        : Protocol=5, Encryption=TLS1

                            Host ID         : 7F0100

                            # of Processors : 1

                            License Status  : Licensed for NSH/CM

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                            Bill Robinson

                            What’s in the search domain path on the appserver ?

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                              Yep, what Bill said.

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                                Vinnie Lima

                                One step ahead, looked at that setting on the app server's NIC configuration (windows 2008) - see attached pic (new addition is the blue blob in the DNS SUFFIX, this was blank before) . 


                                I'm in the process of kicking off another CLM/BBSA Virtual Guest provisioning, will know in a bit.


                                dns config.png

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                                  Bill Robinson

                                  is the dns suffix for the nic the same as the dns suffix of the target?  if not you need to check the 'append these dns suffixes' radio and add a list.

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                                    After making that change, can you ping the short name?

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