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    javadriver - creating control fields on join forms



      I'm trying to create a control fields (button and navigation item on Vertical Navigation Bar) on join form (e.g. ‘AST:ComputerSystem’) using ‘csf’ command in javadriver program. The field is created but it’s type is “Character” instead of “Control” and it is located in upper left corner of the form. It seems that it is needed to provide some data for Field Mapping struct but I cannot find any information what are the proper struct values for control fields.


      Does anybody know what is the correct sequence of parameters for javadriver ‘csf’ command for creation of buttons and navigation items on join forms?





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          I think in those forms, you can create disply fields directly rather than using a javadriver. Button and other controls are not class attributes as those are not storing any data.

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            Thank you for the response. You are right – it is not possible to create control fields as a CMDB class attributes and the only way to add such fields is to do it using standard development method. Developer Studio creates fields by sending Remedy API commands to ARS server. The only drawback of using Developer Studio is a need to do the same operation (creation of overlays and adding the same fields) on 70 AST:xxx forms.

            On the other hand javadriver program uses the same API so it should be possible to send to ARS server the same API commands as generated by Developer Studio. After creation of a javadriver script for one form you can easily make copies for remaining 69 forms. That way I can customize AST:xxx forms faster in compare to usage of Developer Studio. I’m able to create or modify data fields or table columns but I cannot find any information how to do the same with control fields (buttons, navigation bars, etc.).