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    General Windows Change Question

    Russ Todd

      I'm beginning to make changes to systems with Bladelogic, however it seems like most of the changes I'm doing (if not all) are pokes into the registry.


      For example I'm about to work on a job to change DNS entries, would the best practice be to poke the registry or to write a vb or powershell script to make the changes?



      How are most of you making these types of  changes?


      I'm trying to get a sense of best practice here.





        • 1. General Windows Change Question

          I doubt there's one single "best practice" for this kind of thing; it is probably more dependent on your own preference and working environment. A script offers more overhead, but also potentially more control and error checking; direct registry edits are likely quicker and easier to view in the console, and you don't need to worry about scripting language compatibility on legacy hardware (some of us still have Windows 2000 kicking around).


          I've never been shy about modifying the registry directly, as the BL console makes it a fairly straightforward and repeatable process. In this case, I suppose it is acting as a stand-in for a script of some sort.


          Your mileage may vary, as is said.