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    Clone BLadelogic Test Environment to Production ?


      We have a Test Bladelogic environment (BL 8.1 Sp3), this environment is currently being used for testing bladelogic functionalities and use cares and the environment is fully functional. The Bladelogic architecture is as follows and all the server are virtual runnin g on ESX

      2 Bladelogic App servers
      1 Bladelogic File server
      1 Bladelogic DB Server (SQL)
      1 Bladelogic Patch Repository Server for Windows
      1 Baldelogic Patch Repository Server for Linux
      1 vCenter server for VM Provisioning via VGP


      We am using an alias for fileserver (BLFSRV)

      When the functional test is complete in Test environment, a similar production environment will be built.


      To save time in building and configuring the prod environment again, we were thinking to clone the test Bladelogic servers in to production (Except vCenter, a seperate vCenter will be used in Prod).




      We wanted to know if we clone the above servers  in to production environment and change the Hostname and Ip address of the cloned servers in production environment will this work ?


      Is there any hardcoding of hostname and ip addresses within application DB etc which has to be changed manually.


      If it is possible to clone the existing servers and create new ones what are the things I have to take care of i.e any manual changes etc.


      Any help will be appreciated.