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    Load-balancers and BBSA High Availability

      Is it fair to say that :


      1. load-balancer are only used when the BBSA UI Client need to connect to BBSA eviorment for management and administration?
      2. When the muiltple application servers are load-balanced, are all the application servers "Active" to load-balance algorights like round-robin can work, or is it one Active and toher standby.
      3. Since the BBSA servers talk directly to the RSCD agents installed on host, the load-balancer is not used in that request
      4. There should be muiltple job /application servers to ensure should one application/ job server go down, other server will be available to act?




        • 1. Load-balancers and BBSA High Availability
          1. Load balancers are most commonly used to route consoles to one or more configuration application servers.  Also, according to the "Best Practices for Deployment and Configuration" available off the product documentation area of the Support site, it says "Load balancing for authentication servers (e.g., for purposes of fail-over) must similarly be provided by an external load balancer."
          2. When you have multiple application servers they are all active.  Job servers effectively perform their own load balancing, scheduling jobs and work items according to availability.  No additional load balancing considerations are applicable for job servers.
          3. Correct
          4. Correct.  If you are looking for a Highly Available setup, you also want configuration servers defined across multiple physical hosts, and also the same with NSH Proxy servers (if enabled).