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    Change default Deploy Job options?

      Just upgraded to BL 8.1, and we are looking for a way to change the default Deploy Job options (specifically, for automatically creating remediation artifacts from a Patch Analysis job). We used to be able to do this some way in v7.6 and previous, but I can't find anywhere to change these defaults in this latest version. Specifically, I want this:


      deploy job 1.jpg


      ...to look like this, every time:


      deploy job 2.jpg


      I can't find any information in the manual for changing these defaults, and this turns into a lot of clickey-clickey for a couple dozen patch analysis job runs every single week. Can someone tell me how it's done?

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          hi Wrodina,


          Open the job, you will get the tabs at the botum,


          let me know if you looking for something else.




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            I know that's where you can set them for creating the individual deploy jobs. My question is whether there is a way to pre-populate those options so that anytime we create a new deploy job (either via Patch Analysis remediation, or anywhere else for that matter), we don't always have to change the ones I circled in red above.


            We will need to be creating over a hundred patch analysis jobs in the near future, and it would be a big time saver NOT to have to open the job options and select all those choices for each and every one. Also in general, it would make the job creation process easier/more accessible (one less thing to remember).


            There was a way to do this in the 7.4 and 7.6 version of the console... has the functionality been removed? I don't recall the terminology, it was an "instance template" of some sort, I think.

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              Bill Robinson

              I think you can set the options in the ‘DeployOptions’ PropertyClass – the name is something like that.

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                Ah, that's the spot. Looks like that's what we need; our previously-defined instances are still there. I cannot figure out how to associate an instance with the Patch Analysis or remediation job, so for now I have just adjusted the defaults for all jobs to be what we want.


                Thanks for the pointer.

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                  Bill Robinson

                  The deploy jobs used by paj are just regular deploy jobs.

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                    This is true; however, I cannot find out how to have the remediation task (the part that runs after analysis is complete) associate the deploy jobs it creates with a DeployOptions instance.

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                      Bill Robinson

                      if you create the remediation job from the blcli you can specify a template deploy job that is configured how you want.


                      otherwise I thought that any deploy job would inherit from the PSC

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                        I'm not sure what PSC is, but what I'm talking about can be found on page 150 of the User Guide, "Creating or modifying an instance of a property class". I see how to create and modify them, but I don't see anywhere to tell the patch analysis job "Take the DeployOptions instance named WishyFoo1337, and use it when you're creating deploy jobs for patch remediation."


                        For now, changing the DeployOptions defaults has the same effect, but I can see where we will ultimately want to have different defaults for different types of jobs or operating systems, etc... so we may have to revert the defaults, which would undo my stated goal.

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                          Bill Robinson

                          Property Set Class.  I thought you set the options at the class level, not the instance level ?


                          Right now I don’t know of any support for patch associated deploy jobs.  there are not different types of deploy jobs btw… the deploy jobs associated w/ the patching jobs are just regular deploy jobs.


                          This is a good rfe to file though…

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                            I only used the class level because I cannot figure out how to use an instance.


                            This is confusing/frustrating because it was an easily selectable option for PA jobs in the older client (7.4 and 7.6 versions). I don't recall the specific property name, but you could set (for example) DEPLOY_OPTIONS_INSTANCE equal to "WishyFooOne", and then any deploy jobs created by the "Remediate" option on the PA results would use that instance to pre-populate the job options. Feels like this is a step backwards; if the option to create instances is still there, why can't I use them?


                            Where are DeployOptions instances used/specified in general? I don't see a reference to them anywhere in the manual, other than creating or modifying them.