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    No Repairable components exist. Cannot create Remediation Package.

    Joe Piotrowski

      Created a Component Template allowing all actions. Added Part is the "BladeLogic RSCD Agent" Windows service. Rule is to check if service Exists, it's Start Up type is Automatic and it's current State is Running. As a test I changed the Start Up of the service from "Automatic" to "Manual" on the target server.

      Created Component from a Discover Job. Ran Compliance Job from Template against new Component.

      As expected the compliance failed on the Start Up type. You can remediate at different levels by right mouse clicking the results and selecting "Create Remediation Package." Selecting this will pop up a window allowing you to create one.

      However, when selecting "Create Remediation Package" rather than a pop-up window I'm getting the following message:

      "No Repairable components exist. Cannot create Remediation Package."