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    Multi-Tenant Mailbox Configuration

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      I have a customer that would like to use ITSM in muti-tenant mode.  They are setting up a seperate company for IT and HR tickets.  They would like the email notifications for tickets assigned to IT Support Groups to come from one mailbox and notifications for tickets assigned to HR Support Groups.  The reason for multiple mailboxes is the desire to include different footer text for the messages.  For example, the IT assigned tickets would include the contact number of the IT helpdesk in the notifications while the HR tickets would include HR specific contact information.  Has anyone faced this requirement and if so, how was it handled?


      It seems the mailbox configuration isn't configurable for multi-tenant.  I'm exploring the possibility of using some kind of custom Footers named with the tenant company and trying to pass that but not sure if that will work.  All suggestions welcome.  Thanks.

        • 1. Multi-Tenant Mailbox Configuration

          If two separate companies are setup for IT & HR then you can customize the OOTB filters, configure them by selecting the company (HR-Company or IT-Company).

          • You will also need to modify the OOTB notification filters to fire based on the company name. For instance there is a FLTR HPD:INC:NTCustConfirm_851_SetTag which is used whenever a notification has to be generated. You might need to modify the qualification using the company name and create same filters.Also, have a look at the filter HPD:INC:NotificationGenerator_899_PNPC`!
          • Open the form 'SYS:Notification Messages' and replicate the entry for 'Notification Message Tag'='HPD-INC-CustomerReceiptConfirmation', select the company 'HR-Company or IT-Company' and select the appropriate company with desired message formats.