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    Adding IBM Frames to CM - Virtulization - AMO - BSA 8.1

      Hi all,


      I'm interested in exploring the capability of managing our P series frames using BSA and to be able to manage the virtual inventory of LPARs and VIO servers and IO devices. However I find the BSA users guide documentation to be limiting in its explanation for adding these resources as objects in to the CM. I understand that an AMO needs to be utilized in order to access the frames resources, we have plenty of HMCs in place today. But an HMC is a proprietary IBM devices and we are not able to install an RSCD agent, so here again we have another possible AMO that would need to be set up, though I do not seem to understand the process that would be used to create the AMO and access the frame. So I have to assume that the reference to AMO in the context of the documentation to access IBM frame is something altogether different from the HMC, but what?


      So long story short, has anyone added IBM framesor can explain the process to do so?


      I am referencing Chapter 19 pg. 771 of the 2/11 BSA users guide under"Working with virtual environments"

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          Actually, its quite straight forward. BMC BladeLogic manages IBM Frames. We do this via the HMC's ssh commands.


          To manage an IBM Frame from BladeLogic, you need to:

          1. First enroll an ordinary AIX server (can be an LPAR)
          2. Add IBM Frame AMO by 'Right Click' on Server Group -> Virtualization -> Add IBM Frame
          3. In the new popup box, mention name of Frame as displayed within the HMC. Also in the Properties below, edit the AMO_PROXY_HOST property and select the AIX server you enrolled in Step 1
          4. Finish the wizard and you will see a new IBM Frame enrolled within your system
          5. Distribute the IBM Custom Object to this Frame (AMO) directly
          6. Go to Configuration menu in UI -> Property Dictionary -> Built-in Properties -> Connection
          7. Go to the Instance tab on the right side. There would be an auto-generated Connection instance for your Frame with the name 'Connection_<FrameName>'
          8. Edit that instance and enter the following information
            CONNETION_URL: FQDN of the HMC server
            CONNETION_USER: User in HMC who has access to the Frame you want to manage
            CONNETION_PASSWORD: Password of your HMC user
          9. Save this instance and browse your IBM Frame. If everything is ok, live browse should start displaying you the right assets



          You can enroll multiple IBM Frames (AMO) through the same proxy. Thus you do not need to add a new AIX server for every Frame you enroll.


          Hope that helps you out....

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            Additionally, you can refer the BMC BladeLogic Installation Guide - Chapter 8 - Section 'Setting up an IBM PowerVM Environment' on page 174. This has the steps listed in detail

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              Thank you Umar, when I searched the docs I must have missed that, appreciate the help.


              UPDATE: I had an error in my config, found and fixed and seems to be working good now, thanks again...

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