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    Integrate with Remedy to publish ticket information

    Dassana NameToUpdate

      I want to feed service ticket information from an external system to Remedy. I'm trying to find any API documents that I could use. I believe the integration is based on Web Services. 

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          yuvaraj NameToUpdate

          Hi Dassana,


          Below are the ways through which you are able to do the third-party integration with Remedy.


          1.     Web Services (Third Party Application which you areusing should support the Web Services).

          2.     API (C, Java).

          3.     Plug-ins (LDAP, AREA)

          4.     Vendor Form

          5.     BMC Atrium Orchestrator(BMC Product)


          For more information you can refer


          • BMC Remedy IT Service Management 7.6.03 Integrations
          • BMC Remedy Action Request System 7.6.03 IntegrationGuide





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            Anne Brock

            This is posted in the RemedyForce section, which is our SaaS offering on the Salesforce platform. Is that the system you are trying to integrate to or are you trying to integrate to the Remedy product (ITSM/AR System)? We can move it if it's the latter.



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              Dassana NameToUpdate

              I'm trying to integrate in to RemedyForce which is your SaaS offering on SalesForce. I want to feed ticket information from the form I have on my web application to RemedyForce.

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                Virginia Leandro

                There are a number of great Web Service / API material available directly from Salesforce.




                When you export the WSDL from your Org, our custom objects will be a part of the definition.


                Thank you!


                Virginia Leandro

                BMC Software

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                  Chad Haftorson

                  There are a couple of ways to do this.


                  Most customers simply send an email from the web form to the Remedyforce email listener which will automatically generate an incident.  If the email can be sent with the From address matching the email address of the end user submitting from the form, then Remedyforce can auto populate the client details on the incident as well.  For more info on this, there are a couple of videos on setting up the email listener or search on email setup in Remedyforce help.


                  All Remedyforce objects are also available via SOAP or Rest web service API, so you could also send a web service message to the API to create an incident (you would most likely simply insert a new incident into incident object via API).  For more info on using the APIs, seach on API in force.com help (from the force.com home page).


                  Hope this helps.

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                    Anne Brock

                    Then this is the right section! Sounds like Virginia and Chad have given you some great info, hope it helps!


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                      Hola AKIN

                      Hi Virginia,


                      I need your help. I have created a web services between RemedyForce and an application called JTrac.. I have tested the web services and I am able to create incident by passing values into the parameters through execute anonymous window. What I want to know is how the web service could be called when an incident is being created in RemedyForce. I have tried a number of ways but I couldn't get my code working. As a BMC staff, I will much appreciate it if you can help me out or point me to someone who could within BMC.


                      rigger MyTrigger on BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c (after insert) {



                      global class ticketinformationwebservicerftojtracJtr {

                        @Future(callout = true)
                        public static void TicketInformationRFtoJtracPort( Set<ID> incidentIds ) {

                      // query for incidents where id in :incidentIds
                      SELECT  ID, BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c.Name, BMCServiceDesk__clientId__c, BMCServiceDesk__Category_ID__c, BMCServiceDesk__incidentDescription__c, BMCServiceDesk__Status_ID__c, BMCServiceDesk__incidentResolution__c, BMCServiceDesk__note__c, BMCServiceDesk__Priority_ID__c, JTRAC_Status__c, BMCServiceDesk__dueDateTime__c, BMCServiceDesk__Urgency_ID__c, BMCServiceDesk__Client_Account__c, JTRAC_Ref_Number__c, Fix_Type__c, Root_Cause__c
                      FROM BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c
                      WHERE BMCServiceDesk__Client_Account__c = 'CHENNAI Office'

                      // make JTrac callouts for each incident

                      ticketinformationwebservicerftojtracJtr.TicketInformationRFtoJtracPort t1 = new ticketinformationwebservicerftojtracJtr.TicketInformationRFtoJtracPort();

                      String clientid = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(BMCServiceDesk__clientId__c);
                      String incident = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c.Name);
                      String assignto = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(BMCServiceDesk__clientId__c);
                      String status = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(BMCServiceDesk__Status_ID__c);
                      String description = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(BMCServiceDesk__incidentDescription__c);
                      String resolution = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(BMCServiceDesk__incidentResolution__c);
                      String notes = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(BMCServiceDesk__note__c);
                      String attachment = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(BMCServiceDesk__clientId__c);
                      String priority = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(BMCServiceDesk__Priority_ID__c);
                      String category = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(BMCServiceDesk__Category_ID__c);
                      String jtracstatus = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(JTRAC_Status__c);
                      String duedate = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(BMCServiceDesk__dueDateTime__c);
                      String urgency = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(BMCServiceDesk__Urgency_ID__c);
                      String account = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(BMCServiceDesk__Client_Account__c);
                      String fixtype = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(Fix_Type__c);
                      String rootcause = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(Root_Cause__c);
                      String result = t1.ticketInformationRFtoJtrac(clientid, incident, assignto, status, description, resolution, notes, attachment, priority, category, jtracstatus, duedate, urgency, account, fixtype, rootcause);




                      That is my code but its throwing up some errors.


                      Thank you.




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                        Doug Ayers

                        Hi Hola, did you see my answer to this exact question you posted in another thread?


                        Re: Re: Re: WSDL to create incident into Remedyforce

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                          Anne Brock

                          Hi, Hola Akin - This is the kind of thing that your implementation partner - whether BMC Services or a third party partner - can help you get working.


                          Also, it's good to start a new thread rather than posting on an older thread that might already be marked answered.


                          Good luck with your web service call!

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                            Hola AKIN

                            Hi Doug,


                            You did but I encountered some problem and I seek help including mailing you but I got no response. I was running out of time, hence my decision to mail a BMC person that I saw here.


                            I am sorry if that caused you any discomfort.


                            Thank you.