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    Install BMC application via Bladelogic with dynamic parameters

      Hi Guys,

      Is this possible to do unattended installation for example BPPM server with dynamic parameters via Bladelogic and BAO.

      I have workflow in BAO which triggers BL DeployJob. This job uses software package with install command like this:


      mypath\setup.cmd -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="c:\temp\bppm.option"


      Inside bppm.option file are installation values that I would like to change depending on target server.

      Bladelogic job copies installation files from file server to target box, to stage directory and starts installation.

      I create this bppm.option file with job pre command option using echo command but would like to receive dynamic variables from BAO workflow.

      Is this possible to modify BL job pre commands properties using BLCLI or any other easiest way for passing parameters to BL job?

      Any ideas?