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    Error when i run the patch analyze job

      hi all,i have some problem when i run the patch analyze job.


      1. suse analyze job


      i created a suse11_x86_64 patch analyze job,there are 5 servers in the targets,one is install Agent,and the others install the Agent.

      but after the job run commplate,the server which install the 8.1 Agent is success,the server which install the 8.0 Agent is error,and the error is :

      ERROR:YUM dry run failedERROR::cmd: faild!


      2.redhat analyze job


      i created a redhat5_x86_64 patch analyze job,i choose the limited 20,there 55 servers in the targets,but when the job run,no matter what error in one server,the job will be Interrupt,the remaining servers will not be analyze.but if i choose unlimited,one server is error,the job can run Complete.i want to know the reason.



      thanks for u help.