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    Automate disk wipe on target server

    Olli Matikainen

      We are providing capacity services to our customers. When a customer doesn't use a server anymore we have two options. If the hardware is old, we simply destroy the whole thing. But when the server is less than three years old, we re-use it. When we re-use the server we have to make sure that there is no data left.


      I have shortly checked a product called Darik's Boot and Nuke (http://www.dban.org/). It seems to have a capability to PXE boot. That is something we need. We don't want to have a specialist in data center with a bootable CD-ROM do things manually.


      I thought I ask here first if someone has done something like this before, because time is money and building up and testing DBAN would take some time.


      The solution can be also something else, but we really like to have a secure solution, but maybe nothing too complicated.