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    Moving from ITBM v3.8 OnSite to OnDemand?



      We installed ITBM v.3.8 (onsite) in Spring 2010 and have primarilly used it to store supplier information and associated contracts. In 2012, we have plans to start using more of the tool to tie contracts to applications, people and processes. With the announcement that ITBM OnDemand is available, it might make sense for us to move into OnDemand now - and benefit from the upgrade to a 7.6 release - before we start doing too much.


      I need help finding detailed information on this ITBM OnDemand offering. I've struggled to find any information beyond shallow marketing materials.


      Beyond my curiousity, I've got questions about:

      - OnDemand using SSO integrated to my company's LDAP

      - Migrating current OnSite data into OnDemand (How much will be lost? Require significant re-work?)


      I have also reached out to my BMC Account Manager, but I've always gotten such good, timely responses here.


      I appreciate your feedback and guidance.