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    Error in TLS protocol: <server_name> when Add New Server

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      While I try to Add New Server I get the following error message (dialog box with OK button): "Error in TLS protocol: <server_name>"


      • on the <server_name> the Agent was installed successfully (I guess!.. even tough it is reported in the dialog box that an agent is not installed!)
      • on the <server_name> the Agent service is up and running
      • on the <server_name> the port 4750 is ok (I was able to telnet successfully from the ApplicationServer to <server_name> on port 4750 and on the <server_name> I get the following:

      > netstat -anp TCP | find ":4750"

        TCP               LISTENING


      • the firewall rule has bee created for the RSCD agent while it was installed.
      • I was able to add other servers (same hardware, same OS: Win 2008 R2) without any issues, only this one throws the "Error in TLS protocol: <server_name>" error

      I'm a newbie in this but I thought the process of adding a new server shoudl not have so many tricky parts... but I'm kind of dissapointed!

      Any thoughts? What should I look for to fix it?

      (see the attached image with the error)



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