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    Problem with Creating type-2 Script in BBSA v8.0.6.222



      I have a small issue with scripting that whenever i want to get some data from the Linux hosts , i have to create two script first is non-nsh type-3 and second is NSH type-1 script and after that i have to create a Batch Job fetch the data from all the system as i do not have Email Configured so far for BBSA. Please see the below sample scripts which i created for getting cpu info in Linux hosts.


      I have to create these two scripts as NSH is unable to recognized some OS commands. Could anyone let me know how i can reduce my work of creating 2 script Job and one Batch Job or anything which can be done via type-2 script. If so please provide me the info how to combine these two scripts into one. Please let me know if you need anyother info from my side.




      Non-Nsh Script type-3

      #Script Parameters

      #Cache Server list info

              cpu=`cat /proc/cpuinfo|grep  processor |wc -l`
              echo  "$host:::$cpu number of cpus found" > "$output_file"



      NSH Script type-1


      #Script Parameters
      echo "Assigning variables based on the script parameters"
      echo "Server group is $server_group"

      #Cache Server list info

      server_list=`blcli Server listServersInGroup "$server_group"`
      for target in $server_list
          cd //$target
          cat /tmp/cpuinfo >> "$output_file"