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    Atrium Integrator: Delete entries, which have been removed from the source DB

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      I've setup an integrator job, which transforms information from an external source into a custom dataset inside the CMDB. The job runs fine and all data is copied over to the CMDB. For performance reasons, I've added the function to insert/update only data, which has been inserted/updated to the source DB after the integration job has run the last time. Hopwever, I've no idea how to handle data, which has been removed from the source DB. I didn't find any way to mark an entry as deleted or directly delete it, although the integrator user guide states on page 14:


      "During data transfers, Atrium Integrator identifies the records to be transferredand performs some or all of the following tasks, depending on how you haveconfigured your integration:


      • Reads records
      • Creates new records
      • Updates records
      • Deletes records
      • Modifies data (such as concatenating fields)"


      and on page 20:


      "You can specify the source andtarget details, specify the CI types and relationships to transfer, and define yourpreferences for deltas, deletes, reject files, and logging. "


      Any hints?


      Thanks. Cheers,