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    Problem with Live browse of Windows Applications

      I have an issue with the live browsing of a couple of Windows servers.  It appears that when viewing the installed applications in the live browsing the version number is not being reported correctly.


      See the attached image. 


      In the image server gbcccs17 has an application installed called Ops Reporting, BladeLogic reports the version as 1.2.0, however when logging on to the server and checking the installed software list in Add/Remove Software it reports as being the correct version 1.8.2.  Checking other servers in the same group show all the correct information in BladeLogic as per server gbcccs19.  The application is responding normally on all machines in the group including the servers that are having this issue.  This is causing problems with Audits as these servers are failing.  We re-install the application and still have the same problem. 

      We have stopped and restarted the RSCD service to refresh any held data, the application has been stripped out and re-installed


      I would like to know how Bladelogic determines the software installed and where the version number is read from.


      BladeLogic Version =

      RSCD Agent =

      Target Servers = Windows 2003 SP2