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    RSCD Agent Issues

      Hey guys, hope all is well out there on the internets. I have sort of an issue with my clients that maybe one of you have seen...I have been getting calls that an error message is on my end points showing "RSCD.exe has encountered an issue...". When I look at the event logs, it shows event ID 1000 where the error occurred and a microsoft dll was the culprit. Doing some digging, I found that one of my co-workers was sending a bad command via NSH to the command and causing this issue. He was trying to change directories, and being unfamiliar with NSH, left off CD. For example, "/c/temp/backup" was the directory he needed in. When the CD was left off the end point crapped it's pants. Then looking further into this, I have noticed that on staging files if I have any network hiccup - we are on satellite connection to remote locations - the RSCD agent loses it's mind in similar fashion.


      Have any of you guys seen this? I cannot be the only one to have had this complaint. How can the client *not* no it got an invalid command and handle that error properly? It seems like logging the error in the event log, log file, or on the appserver and then returning to it's original state would be a better way to terminate than having the RSCD agent error out on my end point. We are running all current releases of the architecture available. sad panda here.