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    Dealing with application specific config files within Bladelogic

      I have application_1 that uses config files - 1.cfg,2.cfg,3.cfg

      application_2 - 3.cfg,4.cfg,5.cfg
      application_3 - 2.cfg,4.cfg,5.cfg


      application_1 gets deployed on host_1
      application_2 gets deployed on host_2
      application_3 gets deployed on host_2 and host_3

      application_1 and application_3 get deployed on host_4


      I don't want all the cfg files be pushed to all the hosts. Instead I want application relevant cfg files go to specific hosts where that particular application is deployed.


      Is it possible to group the cfg files based on application ? Is it possible to group the hosts and applications as well ?

      How can this be accomplished in server automation console of Bladelogic ?