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    Linux Patching 8.1 SP2 - Permissions on Remediation Job

      When running a Linux patching job with auto remediation, the analysis works ok but when the remediation job is created only BLAdmins have permission to it. The user that created the remediation job don't, so the associated BL package fails to create and the patching fails with the following error:


      Warning 24.10.2011 16:02:39     Unable to create deploy job for server(s): rhel61test4, Error: Access Denied CustomSoftware.Read on remediate-2017014-GEN-RHEL-6.1-Patch-Analyze-Deploy2011-09-01 15-31-47-067+03002011-10-24 16-02-34-962+0300


      The role that is running this job has CustomSoftware.*, but if you try and select patches directly from the analysis job the patching works ok!!